Welcome to Dzana Investments

Dzana Investments is a black-owned investment holding company; with its beginnings anchored by management consulting and private equity investment. Dzana Investments has interests in growth-industry opportunities and focuses on shareholder value creation while maintaining transparent shareholding and governance structures.

Dzana has interests in property, energy, education, health and ICT sectors. Its founders have the benefit of a vast business network and relationships, access to markets and professional experience. Dzana’s investment interests are currently housed in South Africa but the company has aspirations to secure some business interests in the UK, Africa and other destinations.

Dzana’s partnership ethos is aligned to its company values and it partners with companies that have a proven track record, transformed and are geared for profitable earnings. Our investment strategy is threefold – initial investments are purely financial in nature followed by the acquisition of specialised skills and experience and lastly operational involvement and control with a view of expanding its interests in the long term.

Dzana’s current ownership structure is a close-knit family interest with a view to diversify within the next 5 to 10 years. Dzana has a vested interest and commitment to social responsibility and is on track to launch an education trust focusing on harnessing and nurturing talent in business, ICT and science.